Kids’ clothes evolved as with all the items that are now present today. From the beginning, children’s clothing used color to distinguish the genders. Especially in the old days where little boys looked like little girls, the distinction may be made by the color of the clothes. Girls wore pink and small boys wore blue, this is as much accurate today as it is in the last era.

Because of pictures and historical reports accessible like painting, it wasn’t readily distinguished if your child was male or female. Thus, not only do the sex but the general look was ascertained by the clothes as well. Yet because of the evolution of time, little girls of today have adopted to wearing pants but the day has not come where the boys assumed the dresses of girls!

But that was not the situation in the 19th century where lads and little girls were dressed alike. Otherwise, there had not been much difference in the way although, during that time, girls were not permitted to dress in trousers. Up to the period of the second world war, clothing connected with girls were pantalets dresses, smocks and pinafores.


This was the fundamental clothes of girls up to the second world war since it wasn’t an everyday occurrence that girls wore pants or shorts ahead of the war.


This was another basic in the little girls’ clothes where it served its purpose of providing an option that is alternative to the binding and prohibitive fashion sense through the 19th century. Although this type of garment did not bloom in any respect.

These were worn both by the girls and boys that were used mainly for play time. From the end of the second world war, rompers were basic basics for little girls wardrobe. They were generally used for gymnasium categories of girls as costumes or uniforms.


This is one generic children’s clothes of years. As this was common, adornments, accessories, distinct fashions, along with other details filled the repertoire of the way in which a stock can look like. There were smocks of distinct shades, smocks with buttoning styles that are distinct – buttons located in the back, in the front, or privately. There were additionally smocks with collars, with pockets, with ties, with trimmings, with belts, etc. It was usual in the 1950s that smocks of the identical cut were bought by moms for their children.


This was a very vital piece of garment for the girls’ wardrobe as they were generally worn by little girls of America and Europe.


These were worn both by boys and girls. Usually, boys wore basic pantalets while the more elaborate ones were worn by girls. But there were some boys who want to wear fancy Pantalets too.

Sailor Suits

It was essentially a lad’s garment as girls began to wear sailor suits also, but it became a unisex garment.