When buying car seats for your baby safety has to be the foremost consideration. Whether you are taking your newborn from hospital to home or taking your one year old on a long road trip choosing the best infant seat is most important. You can put your newborn in two kinds of seats, either in a rear facing infant seat or convertible seat which is convertible to forward facing after your newborn outgrows the infant seat. Investing on convertible seats helps you save money as it lasts through the toddlerhood and is also completely safe when it comes to safety. Here are a few tips to choose the right car seat for your baby.

The main considerations:

When buying child’s car seat you will have to consider the following three aspects:

  • The age of your baby
  • The weight and height of your baby
  • If the car seats satisfy safety standards

The baby has to be kept in rear facing mode right from the birth till the age of 2 and the child’s weight should not be higher than the weight limit mentioned in the seat’s label.

When the child reaches the age of 2 and weighs not more than 40 pounds, he or she can be put in front facing mode.

When the child’s age falls between 4 and 8, he or she can be shifted to booster seat that has an adjustable belt. It is recommended that kids are kept in the back seat of the car.

When the child crosses 8 and measures 4’9″ tall, seat belts without a booster seat are suitable. However, your child has to continue using booster seat until the adult seat belts fit properly. To know this you will have to check the belts around the lap and shoulder. The lap belt should pass through the upper thighs and not the stomach. Likewise, the shoulder belt should be on the chest rather than on the neck. For more guidance on how to choose child’s car seat visit Easy moms guide website.

How to identify the quality of the seat?

You will be very well aware of the kind of car seat that you need for your baby. What are the features to look for in the baby car seat?

Safety label: It is necessary that the seat bears a label mentioning the level of safety or the certification. Therefore, ensure that the seat meets or surpasses the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.

Five-point harness: This feature is securer than the seat belt and better than three-point harness feature.

Ratings: The seats that have earned 4 or 5 stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will have clear instructions and offer ease of use.

New car seat: It is always recommended to buy only a new car seat and not the used seat. You can verify the information on the website of NHTSA and also check with the manufacturer for the safety features. Do not use any seat that has worn out, torn parts and been involved in an accident.

Installation: The seat should have clear instructions about the installation procedure. It is better that the expecting parents install the seat well before child’s birth. To ensure proper installation, you can take help of a CPS technician in your locale.

Fabric: Choose seats with fabric that is easy to clean and keep off odor. Smooth fabric is easy to clean when compared to textured fabric.