Welcome to Lee Merchandising (see website) home to the best fashion tips all year long. With the harsh winter at the start of the year, you must be prepared for the spring season. Well, it’s just a few months away and here’s what you need to wear for Spring 2018.

Blazer, Sweater And Cropped Pants

While the cold season might be over, the weather is still a bit chilly. Well, you can always keep warm with a blazer, sweater and cropped pants. Whether you’re stepping out to meet your friends or simply going to work in the morning, this outfit will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Casual Tee With A Flowery Flowing Skirt

If you’re hanging out around the house on the weekend or spending time at your friends, you can always bring back the spring color with a flowing flowery skirt and pair it up with casual tee. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, you can always add a scarf to complete the look effortlessly.

Lace Top With Slim Fitting Pants

For the best work outfit in spring, you should think about wearing slim fitting pants and a lace top. You should also add some bright pumps to make the spring outfit suitable for work and any regular day out of town.

Blazer, Button-down Blouse And Tweed Skirt

This is the spring look for the ultimate professional. You can pair your bright colored blazer with a button-down white shirt and a tweed skirt. You can choose some comfortable flats or heels for the best look.

Bold Floral Skirt And Knit Sweater

Are you afraid it’s going to be chilly outside? You can always pull off the ultimate spring 2018 look with a bold floral skirt and wear a knit sweater on a vest. If the sun comes out, you can always do away with the sweater and rock your floral skirt with a vest.

Black Pants, Casual Tee And A Printed Scarf

Yes, everyone has one of those days where you can’t force yourself to look pretty. Well, you can always pull off a pair of black pants, casual tee and a printed scarf. It will look like you’ve tried your best especially with the printed skirt.

Sundress And Crew Neck Sweater

Nothing screams Spring than a pretty sundress. Well, you can always pair it off with a neck sweater.