A girl’s outfit needs to be accessorized in order for it to have a complete look. Accessories include hair clips and hats which can be used to complete an outfit and as protection for your little girl’s skin and eyes from the harsh elements.

Here are some of the girl hat options available for you to choose from:

Hats To Complement Attires

These are hats used to give a complete look to attire. Here are some examples:

• A beret is a simple yet stylish hat for your little girl. It is flat and round in shape. The hat is well fitting and is available in a wide array of colors.
• A cloche hat is worn at the back of the head. The brim extends all the way to the eyebrows. It is made from felt or wool.
• A Panama hat resembles the sun hat. It is made by weaving palm leaves and has a huge brim.
• A fedora hat, unlike the Panama hat, has a narrow brim. It also has a raised crown.
• A newsboy hat has a button at the top and a lining on the inside that is made of satin or sometimes silk. This keeps your girl comfortable while wearing it. The hat itself is made of wool or cotton.
• A reversible hat is versatile and can be worn with different outfits because each side of the hat has different prints.

Seasonal Hats

Little girls are always active, especially during the toddler stage. This means that they are out and about most of the times whether the weather is warm or cold. It is always worrying for moms if their girls do not have the right type of hat for a certain season.

Hats for the cold weather are always made from heavy materials like fur, wool or even acrylic. Such materials are good for such hats because their capacity can easily retain heat from the body, therefore, keeping your little girl warm all the time. These hats are also made to fit snuggly on your girl’s head. They can also be pulled over the ears to keep them warm.

A girl hat for the warm season is essential for protecting little girls from the harsh sun rays. This is why they have wide brims and flaps at the back to protect the neck from the sun rays.

Decorations On Girl Hats

A girls hats can be decorated in many ways. Adding flowers are the most common way in which hats are decorated. This can be achieved by painting flowers onto the fabric of the hat or by attaching them using a strong adhesive. They can also be sewn so that they are well secured in place.

Adding a bow is another method used to decorate hats. They are usually placed at the top, on the side or at the middle part of the hat. Bows come in both large and small sizes. Small bows may be placed on several parts of a hat.

All of these are options you have to choose from while selecting a girl hat. Hats have different functions and are decorated differently. You need to consider this while choosing one for your little girl.